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Claire Forrest

I'm a silly old soul.

I love dogs and dad jokes. If you tee me up, I'm saying "That's what she said." 

My films have a classy feel, with a little humor mixed in. I want you to laugh and cry when reliving your day. 

I've spent twelve years developing my style. No transitions, no weird coloring, just clean heartfelt storytelling.

On site, I try not to be seen, I understand photographers lanes, and the guest experience is very important to me.   

You're only doing this once, and it goes by fast.

To me, the value in wedding film isn't watching it the next day, or even the next week. That's just hype. You haven't even lived yet. 

The real value is showing your kids, or maybe even your grandkids after you've lived a full life of unforgettable experiences.

It will hit different.

It's the whispered bits of advice during your first dance. It's hearing the cheers of your first kiss. It's revisiting those that have passed. 

Imagine how special it will be to dust off that old digital file and relive these moments 40 years from now.


You know that feeling?

That same feeling deep down when you realized you found your person. 

It's "Remember Me" from "Coco". It's the first five minutes of "UP". 

That's what I'm providing for you. That's my value. I'm giving you that feeling for life, and it's priceless. 


I tell stories, and your wedding is one of your most important. I'm blessed to be a part of it. 

- Matthew 

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